How will the school monitor the use of devices ?

We use a filtering and monitoring system. This is supported by ongoing digital citizenship education and backed up by withdrawal of privileges should guidelines not be followed.

Will we provide Wi-Fi?


How will the school support families that cannot afford devices.

This will be an optional approach and will supplement the devices we already have at school. It will benefit families who can’t afford devices as it will free up school devices for children who don’t bring their own.

What is the policy on use during break times?

Students must store their devices in the designated lockable BYOD storage areas during break times.

I don’t want my child to have this responsibility yet.

That’s OK.

How will they be managed to and from school?

This will be the family’s responsibility. It will be optional to bring a device or not.

What happens if devices get damaged?

Parents need to insure devices. This will be the responsibility of each family.

Will student-owned devices be shared between students?


Will Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 be able to BYOD?

Not at this stage. This would not preclude an individual arrangement being made, based on a learning need.

Will children need to bring devices everyday?

Yes - most of the time, and if they have them, however, it will be optional.

How will pre-existing content on devices be managed?

This will be the responsibility of the parents. However, any content that is of concern will be discusses with parents. We will continue to develop our guidelines for this as technology develops.

Who is responsible for technical support?

Teachers will support students with standard classroom usage such as signing in, navigating to websites etc. Issues beyond this will be the parents' responsibility.

Will BYOD put pressure on children to have the “best” devices?

No. We have been running BYOD for many years and have not found this to be the case. The devices we have at school are varied and all (apart from a few laptops) are currently priced under $500.

What apps will be expected to be downloaded onto devices?

We generally only use free web-based apps, especially Google apps such as Drive, Docs, Slides etc.

How will you monitor internet searches?

Students are require to have their devices in sight of a teacher at all times during class time and we also have web filtering in place.

Will the school have preferred devices?

Please see the devices page for device requirements.

Will the school charge the devices?

No. We won’t have capacity for charging extra devices, beyond those we already have.