All three parties involved in the BYOD relationship are essential to its ongoing success for each student.  The programme requires the school, parents/caregivers and students to maintain adherence to their responsibilities throughout the year.  This helps to ensure a smooth learning environment where the focus can remain on learning rather than technical support and housekeeping issues. 

Every student, parent/caregiver and teacher involved in the BYOD Programme is required to agree to and sign a BYOD agreement prior to the device arriving at school.  A copy of the agreement can be found by clicking here or from your child's teacher.

  • Ensure my device is at school everyday so I can use it to help me learn.
  • Charge my device at home and ensure it has enough charge to last the entire day at school.
  • Use only learning apps and websites.  Personal apps including games are for home use only.
  • Communicate using kind words and images that support my own and others learning.
  • Store my device in the locked area in my class during break times. Devices are not to be used during break times.
  • Care for and take responsibility for my device and any damages to it.

  • Assist and encourage my child to meet their BYOD responsibilities.
  • Monitor and ensure that all apps installed on my child’s device are suitable.
  • Monitor my child's use of the device and the internet at home.
  • Reinforce classroom learning of digital citizenship including responsible use of internet facilities.
  • Discuss with my child any damages to their device and arrange for these to be repaired or replaced at my child’s/my cost.
  • Discuss with my child how they are using their device to assist their learning, view the current learning and provide oral and digital feedback where possible.
  • Load a small selection of apps onto my child’s device.
The School
  • Provide reliable wireless access to the school network and the internet.
  • Provide approved website filtering protection.
  • Provide a lockable space for students to store their devices during break times.
  • Provide education to students on matters related to digital citizenship.
  • Plan for and implement digital learning activities where the students device can be utilised to enhance their learning.
  • Notify parent/caregiver of any issues arising where the student struggles to meet their BYOD responsibilities.